About Me

“Devotion, care, healing, and comfort – the everyday cachet of an intensivist’s life”

I am Dr. Rajan Barokar, MD, EDIC, currently rendering my services as director of the Department of Critical care and Emergency Medicine at Kingsway Hospitals, Nagpur. Here, my role is of an intensivist (critical care physician), which involves providing the patients with the best critical care possible, making sure that they recover sooner, reducing their pain and time at the intensive care unit (ICU), and making a tough decision regarding the critically ill patients in life and death matters.

Early Childhood to Becoming an Intensivist – A Journey…

I believe that challenges are a stepping-stone towards discovering your potential. The job of an intensivist is challenging because, unlike others, I do not work towards any speciality as a doctor, but I have the potential to have as much knowledge and skills as that of any other specialist. I am an alumni of Somalwar High school, Nagpur. My childhood memories feel merrier because of the lessons I learned here. Due to better guidance, my aim to be a doctor was determined at a very young age. Following my dreams and putting best of my efforts, I earned a seat at the Government medical college (IGGMC), Nagpur, and completed my MBBS. Post that I completed my MD in Internal Medicine from Government Medical College, Nagpur in the year 1994. In 2006, I achieved my European Diploma in Intensive Care (EDIC). I completed my Fellowship of Pulmonary & Critical Care from Loyola University Medical Centre, Chicago, USA. In addition, I also completed a Fellowship in Intensive Care Medicine from Erasme University Hospital, Brussels, Belgium.

I have Academic training in

  • Advanced Ultrasound in ICU.
  • ECMO for 6 months of specialist training at FMRI, Gurgaon, India.

I am an Instructor in Critical Care Courses and Teach Critical Care & MRCP students.

I also hold affiliations from International Critical Care Societies (ISCCM, SCCM, ESICM, and GSI)

My Professional interests and area of expertise

I am an expert in ARDS Management, Hepatobiliary and Gastrointestinal Critical Care, Obstetric Critical Care, Neuro-critical Care, Trauma Critical Care, ECMO Specialist, End of Life & Palliative Care, Home ICU Care, COVID Specialist, Pulmonary Critical Care, and ICU Rehabilitation.

Extracurricular Interests

They say, “Books are man’s best friend”. I say, who’s next? Your pet!

I believe that life is precious – be it that of a human or that of an animal. Their heartbeats are the same for us – doctors. My heart beats equally for the animals as that for humans. Therefore, I have adopted a pet and I love him to the moon and back.

Being a doctor, we know how precious it is to have clean food. Most of the diseases have their roots in the chemical-infused food that we eat these days. This led to my interest getting deeper in organic farming.

Apart from health and caring for life, the one thing that lifts my soul is bike riding. The life of an intensivist is hectic and there are instances where I have to make decisions for someone’s life and death. Even though it is almost a routine, it affects any doctor to be making decisions to pull the plug on someone’s life. At times like these, I go for a ride. The breeze blowing in my face as I ride my Harley Davidson bike is one of the things that can make me cheerful in no time. My best experience was my 50000 km solo trip to Bhutan. Exploring life around India, interacting with people of varied regions, seeing the wonder of nature – terrains, sunsets, waterfalls and much more was one of the best memories of my life.