Speciality Area

Shock and Sepsis Management

Shock management & fluid resuscitation is key to progress towards a positive patient outcome. Here 'time' is crucial, the golden window of reversal of organ failure is the first 6 hours spent in resuscitation and reversal of organ dysfunction. Sepsis management comprises recognition, identification of the source, definitive source control and the first dose of antibiotic infusion within the golden hour.

Pulmonary Critical Care

Pulmonary critical care is a specialized field of critical care medicine that aims at diseases of the respiratory system. It includes the lungs, trachea, diaphragm, and related structures.

Gastrointestinal & hepatic Critical Care

This encompasses the medical & surgical category of patients who have liver failure, hepatobiliary sepsis, Ischemic Bowel disease, Acute pancreatitis, Perforation peritonitis and perioperative abdominal surgical patients. This involves sepsis control, fluid & electrolyte management, optimizing nutrition and rehabilitation.

Neuro-Critical Care

Neuro-critical care is the managing of patients with life-threatening neurological and neurosurgical illnesses. It includes massive stroke, bleeding in or around the brain (hemorrhage), brain tumors, brain trauma, status epilepticus, spinal cord disorders, nerve and muscle diseases, and the cardiopulmonary complications of brain injury.

Obstetric Critical Care

Obstetric Critical Care is managing patients that are admitted to the ICU during or after pregnancy due to complications related or unrelated to pregnancy.

Trauma critical care

Any centre that chains multiple trauma patients-be it Neurotrauma, Spine trauma, multiple fractures or vascular injuries, is always challenging to the Intensivist as their positive outcomes are often rewarding. Timely fluid & blood resuscitation is key here.

ICU Rehabilitation

Patients in the ICU face series of impairments of physical, cognitive, and mental health during their hospitalization. The ICU rehabilitation therapy deals with rehab for patients who are discharged from the ICU after a period of treatment.

Being the director of ICU, I was on the frontline while the Covid-19 pandemic hit India. My role was to treat critically ill patients in the COVID ICU. It is a challenging job as different patients admitted to the ICU may have various underlying complications along with COVID-19. Using my experience and expertise in the ICU, I feel humbled to have helped uncountable patients survive. Endeavoring for more, I hope my Specialty areas do justice to the people of my nation.

Transplant Critical Care

With an advent of science, ambitions and zeal to heal and willingness to donate the organ. Transplant medicine has taken a joint leap with permissions for kidney, liver and lung transplantation. The new chapter is now open for hand care Intensivist to deliver their best.

COVID Specialist

The COVID-19 disease requires immediate and effective treatment of the patients admitted to the ICU. It includes a specialty in various areas of ICU.